Chicago Public Golf Courses

Chicago Public Golf Courses

Glenwoodie Golf Club 

An early morning round at Glenwoodie will get you right for a $23 18 holes walking. It’s a massive course with 600 yard par 5s and the crew there maintains the grounds beyond any expectation for a course where 18 holes costs this much. It’s a true gem - 35 minute drive from downtown Chicago if you leave at 530am. Established in 1923



Old Oak Country Club Club

Don't let the name fool you - this puppy is open to the public. Old Oak is a nice lil track west of Chicago — public 18 hole golf course with a driving range and even some slot machines in their restaurant in case you feel lucky. If you walk, late afternoon golf costs under $20 per person.


Harborside International Golf Center

Most public golf courses don't come close to Harborside, 20 minutes south of the loop in Chicago. Harborside International Golf Center is the premier public golf course and practice facility in Chicago. Its two 18 hole courses rank in the top 50 public courses in the US almost every year. A walking round here will cost you $68 during the day and $43 in the evening.

Jackson Park

Founded in 1897, Jackson Park golf course is one of 8 golf courses that is part of the Chicago Park District system. It is a relatively short courses that weaves in and out of the streets of the Oak Park neighborhood. The course sits on the grounds that once hosted the World’s Columbian Expedition in 1893. Almost half of the holes contain water because the course sits on the edge of the harbor. A round of 18 holes costs just under $30 to walk. 


Columbus Park

Just east of Oak Park sits Columbus Park, one of the better 9 hole tracks in Chicago and is easily reached from most neighborhoods in the city. While it features densely wooded holes, it’s a great place for people new to the game. The course requires a balance of short iron shots and provides the opportunity to play fast. It even features a free practice area just east of the first tee box. 


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