Garland Shirt Factory

Garland, North Carolina is home to 600 residents, and notably a garment factory producing Brooks Brothers shirting for the past 40 years. Shirt-making came to Garland in the 1950s, and in 1982 Brooks Brothers bought the factory bringing their iconic button down sport shirts. The plant employs around 200 people, who together produce around 5,500 shirts per week. Long lauded as the primer button-down, the shirts have been admired by the menswear community for as long as most can remember. Sturdy and durable the shirts feature a classic shape, that looks terrific on 17 and 70 year olds.

Few American businesses have as rich and resilient history as Brooks Brothers, started in Manhattan in 1818, it is the oldest continuous brand in America. The quality and craftsmanship of their products has been verified by generation after generation. Much of the reason that the Garland Factory still exists is due to Brooks Brothers commitment to Made in America, with the recent struggles of retail and Brooks Brothers, the status of Garland is suddenly up in the air.

Data says that a small percentage of consumers care about where items are made, rather they are more compelled to buy based off of quality and service. At Whim Golf, we still care! We love Made in USA and what it represents. Whim has been a longtime fan, feeling that there is no better option than a Brooks Brothers Made in USA shirt. Whim Golf couldn’t help but take notice, adding an embroidered golf motif to the cuff, for our own spin to an icon in American fashion.