Golf as a bonding agent

Heidi Kim is a friend of Whim Golf, she also happens to own a dry cleaning shop in Chicago, IL. Her store supports the local Lincoln Park neighborhood, keeping dress shirts clean and pants hemmed to the correct length for the patrons who frequent her facility.

It was hard to not notice Heidi’s passion for the game. When you enter her storefront she will open greet you as she sits at her sewing machine behind the service counter. Beside her sits an iPad playing instructional golf videos which she watches religiously throughout the day.

We have built a repertoire, and on every visit we chat on golf, sharing tips and watching each others swings, which are in a perpetual state of tinkering. Our relationship is an example of how golf acts to bring people together, share this maniac love for this difficult game which we devote time, and energy toward. Golf reminds us how much we share as people and the strength of taking time to listen and find commonalities with others.