Golf in the Art World

"In the art world I thought I knew, no one would publicly admit to an interest in golf, least of all a young painter who was just making his name." That sentiment was shared by famous painter and artist, Jonas Wood, yet despite those feelings, Wood painted the course where he was learning in Glendale, CA. The resulting work is featured in the headline image. What is of note here is the mention by Jonas Wood of the perception of golf particularly its negative nature within the arts and creative communities. Wood worried about his reputation and the market for work whose subject was Golf. The sports' connection to art is not as grooved as basketball, which plays the muse to a healthy handful of modern, popular artists.

When looking a bit deeper there is a rich history within golf art that explains out its obsession and cultural influence. Artists such as Alexander Calder, Larry Sultan and others have created work around the sport. At Whim Golf, one of the reasons we exist is to occupy the space to act as an entry point for others to learn and explore. By letting ones curiosity lead, new doors will open, new solutions appear and a broadening of world view will inevitably result. Golf is experienced through many different points of view, and  the beauty and tranquility that the game offers creates impacts on all of its players. 

This game can act as a catalyst to open people to new ideas and to reflect back oneself onto them, hopefully learning from what they see in the mirror.