Whim Golf Club #2


Whim Golf Club #2 opened the doors to Manhattan's first-ever free indoor putting green on the night of Tuesday September 3rd, 2019. Our wall-to-wall quadruple breaking putting green sat in the Lower East Side at 172 Allen Street. The course featured 3 pin locations with 9 holes on the map. Any and all visitors played golf for free and shopped Whim Golf's latest line of clothing and accessories, all made in the United States.

Following a successful Whim Golf Club #1 in Chicago in June 2019, Whim Golf collaborated with Chicago-based, Cleveland born, designer and engineer Charles Schoen on the construction of the interior design of the space.

WGC #3 was open 7 days a week from 12-8pm and welcomed over 2,400 people into its golf course throughout the month of September.


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