For people who might like golf

Our vision stands firmly at the intersection between art and sport as we seek to bring together otherwise fragmented audiences into a place of empathy and understanding.

In many ways, golf is a game that divides. You live up to par or you do not, you’re a member of a club or not, you play or you don’t play. Whim Golf seeks to shift the perception of golf as a divisive game through clothing design. By refreshing the narrative around golf, we invite new individuals to participate in a truly timeless game that embodies admirable values.

Golf promotes conscious repetition, longevity, mental toughness, harmony between nature and sport, and most of all, a whimsical attitude to “just swing”. People from all backgrounds can benefit from participating in the game of golf.

We believe in making products that last. In contrast to the fast-fashion industry that hamstrings sustainability on Earth, we promote a way of life where people buy less and buy better. Our products age properly and minimize the number of purchases you need to make. We’re a style company, not a fashion company. Product versatility and lifespan take precedent over trends and seasons.