Brand Overview and The Art of Golf

Whim Golf celebrates the overlap between art and sport. We inspire people with timeless clothing and innovative experiential design to consider golf as something they might enjoy.

Beginning as a boutique fashion brand in 2019, we have expanded into an art and design practice that has produced countless art pieces and opened 7 Free Golf Putting Greens Installations across the US, all in the spirit of presenting golf in a fresh context that compels even the most adamant non golfers to reconsider our game.

Whim is more a creative process than a brand. Our brand is a creative process.

True to the nature of the process, it has taken several years for us to develop this new understanding of Whim. The process birthed our understanding of it. Whim Golf, the product and experiential design company, is a byproduct of Whim.

Whim relies on two distinct elements. First, our swarm. Second, its gravity.

Our process looks like a swarms in nature - the phenomenon when members of a species are in constant communication as they move together instinctively to form improvisational shapes. As a core duo, we communicate, improvise, and work in real- time, all the time. Our circular work flow produces an artificial gravity that attracts an evolving cast of friends, participants, and collaborators who join the swarm and in turn affect its resulting shape.

Everything we do responds to people around us. We give anyone who arrives in our orbit the opportunity to nudge our process that never stops. The gravity produces unpredictable results through hybridity of cultures.

Our brand is this process. This process is our brand.

Putting Goals

Over the same period, Whim has personified an ongoing conceptual art piece, "FREE GOLF", across 4 putting green installations between Chicago, NYC, and LA. Our FREE GOLF installations provide unprecedented free access to the sport in dense urban areas of major US cities, but also liberate a sport that has been held hostage by the general public's misconceptions over who belongs in the game, resulting in part from the powers who govern and control golf. FREE GOLF presents the game in a way that meets people in urban areas *more* than halfway, inviting them to make their own determinations about their place in the game.

Laser Cut Cardboard Single Golf Ball Packaging